Meet Our Board

School Street Food Pantry is a democratically-run organization with an advisory board consisting of both students and community members from numerous community groups. The board meets at least once a month at Normal First United Methodist Church to decide policy of the organization. If you are interested in joining our board, contact us via email at!

Member Organizations

Board Members


Serving as organization leaders and facilitators, the Board Co-Chairs organize and schedule board meetings, call special meetings as necessary, and invite other board members to participate and share information.

Kerri Calvert, ISU Health Promotion and Wellness

Trevor Rickerd, ISU Graduate Student

Volunteer Coordinators:

Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for the volunteer screening process, volunteer training, and supervision of volunteer service hours.

Trevor Rickerd, ISU Graduate Student

Lilly Olsen, Community Volunteer

Caleb Howard, ISU Student

Communication and Marketing Coordinators:

Communication and Marketing Coordinators are responsible for developing marketing materials, updating the website and Facebook pages, and coordinating comprehensive marketing campaigns in the local community.

Dr. Jackie Lanier, ISU Department of Health Sciences

Beth Kozak, ISU Undergraduate Intern

Community Engagement Coordinators:

Community Engagement Coordinators are responsible for organizing food drives, connecting with partnering organizations, and planning community interventions.

Doris Groves, Community Volunteer

Hallie Hilsabeck, ISU Student

Food Pantry Logistics Coordinators:

Food Pantry Logistics Coordinators are responsible for day-to-day operations of the pantry including but not limited to ordering food from local food banks, stocking the food pantry, taking inventory, budgeting resources, and organization of pantry space.

Terri Thede, Community Volunteer

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