Meet Our Board

School Street Food Pantry is a democratically-run organization with an advisory board consisting of both students and community members from numerous community groups. The board meets at least once a month at Normal First United Methodist Church to decide policy of the organization. If you are interested in joining our board, contact us!

Member Organizations


Board Members


Jeanna Campbell, ISU Graduate School of Social Work


Volunteer Coordinators:

Jack Whitsett, ISU Student Government Association

Jack is a senior at Illinois State University from Alexis, Illinois. He is double majoring in Finance and Political Science and is the Student Body Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year. He became involved with the School Street Food Pantry during the very beginning stages creating surveys to gauge interest as well as analyzing data. Jack enjoys being apart of an organization that will benefit numerous students not only at ISU, but all over the Bloomington-Normal area. Students should be focused on their education and college experience while at school, not wondering how they will be able to pay for food for the coming week.

Trevor Rickerd

Trevor is a graduate student at Illinois State University

Marketing Coordinators:

Noah Tang, Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America

Noah is a graduate of ISU and member of Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America. He became interested in a food pantry when he student taught, noting that many of his students could only think about when their next meal might be instead of focusing on classwork. After realizing that Normal is a food desert, he joined the efforts to create a food pantry.


Health Department Coordinators:

Arlene Hosea, Normal Township


Administrative Coordinators:

Luke Delong, ISU Wesley Foundation


Food & Fundraising Coordinators:

Kerri Calvert, ISU health Promotion and Wellness


Community Engagement Coordinators:

Kim Burke, First United Methodist Church


At-Large Board Members:

Kathy King-Nobles, First United Methodist Church

For the past 2 years that Kathy and her husband Kent have served as co-pastors at Normal 1st United Methodist Church, they were involved with many conversations about what needs of ISU students could the church help meet. When the Township office of Normal connected them with ISU students who were passionate about helping students dealing with food insecurity, she felt like they had a clear direction to move in. Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health are all integrally important and Kathy is grateful to be a part of the School Street Food Pantry Board to help meet these needs.

Sarah Grammer, Normal Township

As the Township Supervisor, Sarah works with vulnerable residents who are experiencing severe financial hardships. Her office administers assistance to alleviate life-threatening situations, like eviction and utility disconnections. After hearing from ISU students who felt forced to choose between paying their rent and buying groceries, she began connecting student groups with community organizers who shared her commitment to addressing food insecurity. She hopes the opening of the School Street Food Pantry will inspire others to advocate for comprehensive strategies to end student hunger.

Connor Walters

Just retired as a Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences after 40 years in the field. Food insecurity has always been a critical concern for those in his profession. In the last 4 years before his retirement this year he saw more and more students who had to choose between gas for an internship and food…many had not eaten for over 24 hours. He and two colleagues began leaving a basket of healthy snacks out side his office each week and by Friday it was always empty. Students were so appreciative. Providing food for students is his passion.

Pamm Ambrose, University College

As a young teacher in southern Texas she struggled to make ends meet financially. she has walked the walk of deciding which bills to pay so she has enough left for food. In her time working at ISU she has seen many of our students struggle with these same issues of food insecurities. The food bank is a wonderful example of true civic engagement—the community coming together to help itself. She is delighted to be able to support this endeavor and look forward to the support it will bring to students and their household members.

Ashwin Siddaraju, Interfraternity Council Vice President of Civic Engagement

Ashwin is currently an undergraduate student at Illinois State University, majoring in Community Health and minoring in Business Administration. He is currently serving as the Vice President of Civic engagement for IFC.

Jackie Lanier, ISU Department of Health Sciences, Health Promotion & Education Program


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