If you are interested in giving back to your community at the School Street Food Pantry, please fill out the Google Form below with all appropriate information and we will contact you:

Click here for access to the School Street Food Pantry volunteer form.

Below are several types of volunteers who will be needed to run the food pantry, you can be more than one.

Pantry Partner

These volunteers make sure the pantry is running sound, they help people sign up and check out food, as well as ensure people know how to locate the room in the building.

Pantry Stocker

These volunteers do most of the heavy lifting, bringing foods from the delivery trucks in the parking lot to the second floor storage room. They also help stock the shelves.

Pantry Maintenance

Maintenance volunteers make sure the pantry is clean and help out with painting, building shelves, etc.

Before you can volunteer with us, we require a short training session to remain in compliance with federal safety and food health standards. These shall occur on a regular basis, check events for more information.

Community Garden Volunteer

Community garden volunteers assist in maintaining and harvesting produce from our community garden plot located on Raab Road, near the ISU horticultural center. Tasks include planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting plants for pantry use.

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