For Our Student Users

Am I eligible to use the pantry?  You are eligible to use the pantry if you are currently enrolled in a college or trade school in the Bloomington-Normal area and if you are experiencing food insecurity. By food insecurity, we mean that you do not currently have an adequate amount of nutritional or safe food available to you.

What will I find in the School Street Food Pantry?  When you enter the pantry, you may shop for nonperishable food items including breakfast items, canned vegetables and fruits, canned soups, pastas and grains, canned tuna and chicken, spaghetti sauces and peanut butter, along with many other items.  We also do our best to make available a variety of refrigerated dairy foods, frozen foods, fresh produce and breads. You will often find personal care items and cleaning supplies, as well.

How much does it cost to use the School Street Food Pantry?  Nothing! Using the pantry is free to local college students experiencing food insecurity.

How often may I use the pantry?  You may use the pantry services every week that you are eligible.

How much will I receive?  Each week you may fill one canvas bag with the items of your choice.  Generally, you are asked to take only one of each item in the pantry (i.e. one can of soup) each week, so that we may serve all of our student users.

What do I need to bring when I visit the pantry?  You only need to bring your college student ID. You do NOT need to bring any proof or share any information with us about food insecurity.

SIGN ME UP!  What do I do next?

  • The School Street Food Pantry hours of operation are each Friday between 4-6 p.m.
  • You should reserve a specific time to visit the pantry by completing the School Street Food Pantry Sign Up Genius form. This form is posted to the pantry’s Facebook page each Tuesday for the following Friday’s reservations. You may still visit the pantry between 4-6 p.m. each Friday without a reservation, but your entry to the pantry will be determined on a first come-first served basis with those students with reservations receiving priority.
  • Student users should plan to arrive 10 minutes before their reserved time.
  • Upon arrival, you will check-in by showing your student ID and by providing the last 4 digits of your student ID, name of school attending, your local zip code and the number of persons in your household (the individuals for whom you are responsible). You may choose to provide your email address so that we can share School Street Food Pantry updates with you.

NOTE:  Due to Covid-19 contact tracing requirements, currently we are also requesting name and telephone number.

Will you keep my information confidential?  Our goal is to respect the confidentiality of the students who use the School Street Food Pantry and to use the information gathered only to better serve our patrons. We do not want your concern about providing information to prevent you from using our services.   If you have concerns, please contact us at so that we may work with you individually.

Additional Services

  • The School Street Food Pantry offers cookbooks, recipes, meal planning and nutritional information to enable students to better use the food items available in the pantry. Connect to Recipes & Cookbooks on Resources page
  • The Pantry provides information about Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) and other resources within the community that may assist students experiencing food insecurity. Connect to Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) on Resources page
  • The Pantry maintains a garden at the ISU Horticulture Center on Raab Rd. in Normal, IL which provides fresh produce to the pantry and that offers opportunity for students to learn and practice gardening skills.
Inside School Street Food Pantry

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